Were you surprised today? Why? How? What surprised you? Was it a positive surprise? How do you determine that it was or was not positive?
If we eliminate serious bad news or catastrophic events, do you generally like surprises? Do you generally dislike surprises?

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What attracts us to other people? What attracts us to pursue some activities over others? Why are we attracted to certain careers? What attracts others to us?

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Does time dominate your day?
Do you ever wish you had more time?
Does time even exist?

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Are you listening or just hearing?

Is there a difference between hearing and listening? Are there obvious physiological differences? Could hearing be considered an involuntary autonomic function? Does listening require voluntary response to sensory input? Is listening an intentional act? Do we hear without intent? Can we listen without trying to do so? Do we all think we are good listeners? […]

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Success Path Questions

Where do you want to go? How can you get there? Where is the path? What are your strengths? What is needed? Are you truly committed? What steps can you take right now? What could be your first step? Is this the right path? How will you determine if you are staying on the right […]

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Questions to Ask Youself

In the infinite list of questions to ask and contemplate, one may find many that resonate personally when asked of themselves. What questions give rise to self-reflection? The answers to these questions may not be as important as thinking of the question and searching for what it means personally.

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