Have you ever wished that you could step-off and let the world spin without you, at least temporarily? Have you ever wanted to take a deep breath and get off the treadmill? Have you ever felt like a rat on an exercise wheel?

What happened when you tried to get out of the rat race? Was that pretty tough to accomplish? Do vacations allow for that great contemplation of life? Often upon returning from vacation do we discover the world kept spinning and the pile you face is larger and more stressful? Are vacations often more escapes than opportunities for reflection and fresh perspectives? Great experiences, but not necessarily conducive to deep dives into where one is on that treadmill and where it is going? Sometimes, are they actually great for self-reflection?

What happens when we are forced-off the treadmill by outside forces? Do transitions actually provide the opportunity for reflection and assessment of where we are? As tough as they may be, does recovery from surgery or other medical procedures, dealing with a job loss, divorce, a move or other life situations require us to reflect. Since we are off the treadmill, do we see the rat race in a different light?

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”–Socrates

Do these situations demonstrate that there is opportunity in every setback? Do they also demonstrate that reflection, planning and action are required to seize such opportunities?

What is your approach to adversity? Do you use the opportunity to reflect, plan and take action? Do you want to feel sorry for the situation, in which you find yourself? (It is, after all, unfair, isn’t it?) How do you find ways to reflect and examine your life? Are vacations, surgeries, and unexpected life changes really avenues for doing so? Do you seize the opportunity, however it presents itself?

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