What attracts us to other people? What attracts us to pursue some activities over others? Why are we attracted to certain careers? What attracts others to us?

“They” say like attracts like. What does that really mean? What if we don’t like what we are attracting? What does that mean?

The Law of Attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.”–Wayne W. Dyer

The Law of Attraction works on all of us. How? Is attraction a mental, an emotional or a physiological process? Is it a conscious or subconscious phenomenon? Are we ultimately in control of what we attract? How do we do that

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Is there a magnetic force at work in us? Do we send out magnetic vibes to attract others? Must you like yourself to attract other people to you?

Whom do you attract? Do you find that the people you are around are the people you want to be around? Are you the kind of person you want to be around? Is the law of attraction under your control? Is success in attracting others to you a product of some skills you can learn? Is it who you are?

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