How important is the development of positive self-esteem in children? Would it be critical to future success? Would it be critical to future happiness? Is self-esteem currently an integral component of programs for young people? Could it not be?

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Sharing Thoughts? #2

What happens when someone shares their inner thoughts? What impact does it have on the one who expresses the thoughts? What about the one who receives the thoughts? Are there many layers of effect on the one with whom it is shared?

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Would you consider No to be a simple or a complex word? Is it hard to pronounce? Is it hard to understand?

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Is one of the great joys of life, to be awed in a moment, by something special in the universe? Is our breath taken away and do our hearts skip a beat, at the sight of a wilderness sky filled with stars, a first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, looking at the Sistine Chapel or witnessing the birth of a child?

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Past! Present! Future! ???

Is the past the key to the present? Could the present be considered the key to the future? Is the past worth revisiting? Is it better to ignore the past and charge ahead? Are there advantages to accepting the past and learning from what happened?

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Do we limit ourselves by the use of some of words that inhibit or restrict our possibilities? Are mindsets limited by focusing on should instead of want, will, or commit. Do such words play with our subconscious? Are we selling ourselves short by the words we use to describe our actions, decisions, behavior or even ourselves.

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Why are questions asked? Is it always to get an answer? Sometimes is it to foster thought and discussion?

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What predominates in our thankful reflections on Thanksgiving? With all the division in this country, over the last few years, are not most of us still thankful for the Stars and Stripes and the country for which it stands? Is celebration and appreciation of family a focus for most on thanksgiving?

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As we approach the end of the year, is it time for people to enter the annual running of the bulls…, otherwise known as making resolutions? Do many make resolutions for the year, to drastically change themselves? Is this dramatic change to be accomplished by giving up a bad habit or starting a good habit? […]