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Questions ???

Warning! This blog is for those who prefer questions over answers! If you are looking for answers you need to look elsewhere. This blog is about opening your mind to self-reflection.

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Is tomorrow a day to look toward with excitement? Is it an escape hatch for the things that we can’t finish or don’t want to finish today?

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Is “thank you” a phrase you hear a lot during the holidays, as we approach the end of the year? Do you believe that there is a real sense of gratitude in the frequent “thanks” you hear? What is gratitude?

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What exactly are goals? How do you define them? How do you set them? How do you achieve them? Is it necessary to plan, do, review and revise?

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Is “The Force “with you? Does it seem that force or the use of force permeates our lives? Can force become a mindset?

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What is important? What makes something important? How do you decide what is important in your life? How would you define important?



Do you act of your own free will? Are you sure? Does the ability to make a free will decision depend on the situation and the circumstances?

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