Trap Questions

What do you think of…..? Does this make me look,,,,,? Are you hungry? (Especially if asked during a long drive) Did you see me in…..? Did you like that one…..? Don’t you agree? Isn’t that right….? How does one respond to these trap questions? Would you like to have some time to ponder such questions […]

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Questions In Time

Are most of our questions asked in relation to the present? Are we asking for information about a current situation? Is it possible that our questions relate more to our concerns about the future? Could some of our questions be more related to past events? Does the time reference matter when we ask questions? Is […]

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Accurate Thinking Questions

How we do we figure out what is accurate? If we are in a conversation with someone is it important to know if we are hearing facts or opinions? In times like this, we are bombarded with rhetoric from all directions. How can we determine what is fact, what is just information, what is opinion […]

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