What great insights are running around below the level of consciousness in our subconscious mind? How can they these insights be reached and released?

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How do we deal with feeling funky, especially, when we do not know why we are in a funk? Do most of us go through such a malaise like disconnect, at times? Do we feel generally out of sorts? Have you felt that angst, without experiencing any strong emotions, like anger, frustration, sadness or disappointment?


The Past? Or is it?

Is the past a problem? Is it a source of encouragement? Is it something from which to learn? Is the past a base for growth and development? Do we all have a distinct perspective on our past? Do we understand that tomorrow, today is part of our past? If one tries to live in the […]

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Why Wait?

Who do we wait? Are we waiting for the right time? What are the consequences of waiting? Do we know?

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Golden Rule Day?

Are you aware that Tuesday, April 5th is the International Golden Rule Day? A day to celebrate the 2022 theme “Treat others and the planet as you would like to be treated”? Did you even know that there was such a day and that it was of international significance? Of all the “Day” celebrations that are held throughout the year, would you think this might be one worth celebrating?

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Who are you? Do you know? How do you know? Why do you do what you do? What makes you who you are?
Are you the same person you were a month ago? What is different about you today from the you of yesterday? Are we constantly changing? Could we be exactly as we were before this moment?

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Excess Baggage?

Why do many people seem to cling to excess baggage from their past? Are people are often hobbled by this excess baggage they carry? What causes us to hang-on to negative events, relations or actions from the past?

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What attracts us to other people? What attracts us to pursue some activities over others? Why are we attracted to certain careers? What attracts others to us?

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When you peer into the mirror in the morning who is looking back at you? Is it a friend? Is it a person who scares you? Is it a person with whom you want to spend the day? Is it someone who believes in you? Is it someone in whom you believe?


Questions ???

Warning! This blog is for those who prefer questions over answers! If you are looking for answers you need to look elsewhere. This blog is about opening your mind to self-reflection.

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Were you surprised today? Why? How? What surprised you? Was it a positive surprise? How do you determine that it was or was not positive?
If we eliminate serious bad news or catastrophic events, do you generally like surprises? Do you generally dislike surprises?

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The Right Questions?

What are the really important questions to ask as we deal with the quantum increase in mass shootings in the United States of America? Is why the first question that arises to everyone’s lips? Is how the next question? Then do we ask; who is at fault?

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How observant are we as human beings? Is what we observe real or is it really a figment of our imagination? How do we know? How can we decide?



Does it seem like self-esteem is usually noticed, discussed or emphasized from a negative perspective? Do we hear about children with “low self-esteem” having issues? Do we hear of adults, who struggle because they have low self-esteem? How often do we hear of children succeeding, in part, because they have high self-esteem?

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Now you tell me?

Is it surprising? Is it sad? Why are so many positives about a person’s life not revealed until they die? Why do we not celebrate the greatness of people, while they are with us? Would they not appreciate the accolades more before they pass?

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Is it Time Yet?

Is it finally time to step-up to save the environment? Is saving the environment actually a misnomer? Do we need to realize that we need to save the planet? How long do we wait?

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