Questions ???

Warning! This blog is for those who prefer questions over answers! If you are looking for answers you need to look elsewhere. This blog is about opening your mind to self-reflection.

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Are you results oriented? Are results of paramount importance to you? What of the process that leads to results? Where does the process stand in terms of importance?


A Template for Success?

Why is that many presentations about achieving success are about using a template or applying a formula? “Follow these steps” or “develop these traits of trillionaires and you too will be one”! Of course, there is also the “Magic Bullet” that carries within it a guaranteed seed of success. Have you seen these over-hyped stories? […]

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WHY #2

Is why the first question we ask as a child? Do we continue to ask why as we grow older?
Would you consider why a complex question?

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As the pandemic restrictions are lifted, are you excited about reconnecting with people? Are you enjoying this process? With whom are you reconnecting? Is it old friends? Is it associates from work or organizations? Are you connecting with new acquaintances? All of the above? What excites you the most about being with people again? What […]