Is perfection a bona fide goal? Is it attainable and sustainable? If one pursues perfection, does it help or hinder in the pursuit of long term goals? What does it mean to pursue perfection? Does chasing perfection suggest making no mistakes? Does that hinder growth and development and even success?

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Are decisions sometimes made with the heart and sometimes with the mind? Sometimes could decisions even be made with the gut? Which is most effective? Does it depend? What would Yoda say?

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Has truthfulness gone out of style? Is it irrelevant in today’s world? Is it ok to say anything, true or not, if it sounds good or fits your perspective? Will this philosophy become more pervasive in the future?

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While all of these may be a factor in frustration, on closer examination, could it be more a reflection of our own personal mindset? Do we become frustrated, when our expectations are not met? Is our disappointment, even with unrealistic expectations, the catalyst for our resultant anger, frustration or sadness?

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How important is the development of positive self-esteem in children? Would it be critical to future success? Would it be critical to future happiness? Is self-esteem currently an integral component of programs for young people? Could it not be?

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Sharing Thoughts? #2

What happens when someone shares their inner thoughts? What impact does it have on the one who expresses the thoughts? What about the one who receives the thoughts? Are there many layers of effect on the one with whom it is shared?

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Is one of the great joys of life, to be awed in a moment, by something special in the universe? Is our breath taken away and do our hearts skip a beat, at the sight of a wilderness sky filled with stars, a first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, looking at the Sistine Chapel or witnessing the birth of a child?

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Is reading about a lot more than learning letters, words and phrases? If we stop there, are we short-changing ourselves? Does reading give us a chance learn from some of the great minds of history? Does it open the world for young and old alike?

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Do we freely choose the thought on which we are focusing? If so, how do we select that thought? Why do we select that thought? Do some thoughts seem to kidnap our mind and take off with it, without our conscious approval?

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