Why do some want to have control above all else? Does it not seem that some people want to control the universe and everyone in it? How does that work-out for them? Has the universe not been controlling itself for quite a long time, without our help? Is it accurate to say that we still not understand the universe or the people in it? If we do not understand, how can we control?

Does it sometimes seem that controlling people want to be their true selves, but do not necessarily respect the rights of others to be their true selves? Is such control more about being seen as right, rather than doing right?

What does it mean to have a strong need to control others? What about trying to control events?

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”–Lao Tzu

Do controlling people often have trouble controlling themselves? Is the need to control other people and outside events a reaction to their own frustrations and limitations?

Do you like to be in control? Are you a control freak? How do you respond when people try to control you? Are you in control of yourself? What does control mean to you?

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