What would you want to share with an earlier version of yourself? What questions would you ask? What would be your approach? Would you share the wisdom of your years; advice from what you have learned; encouragement or what? Can you remember what you wanted or needed at various times in your life?

At what particular age or ages, could you have used some encouragement or even guidance? Are there things you would like to say to your 10-year-old self? Are there words of wisdom in you now that you wish your teenage self could hear and maybe heed?

“Embrace the moment and make it yours.”–Maya Angelou

Would the words you might share be based on what you now know or believe? Would they be more about that for which the younger you searched?

Do you realize that you would not be who you are or where you are without all the experiences of your life? Would you give advice to prevent some of those experiences? Would you counsel this younger version of yourself to embrace the challenges that arise? Would you encourage, by sharing that you will emerge on the other side, stronger and wiser?

“Somehow it all works out”–Sharon Torrence Jones

Could you have this conversation in your own mind? Could you share thoughts and ideas from the perspective of your younger self and from your present perspective? Could this mind interaction help you to understand who you are, how you got to where you are and help to clarify where you are going? Could you write a letter to your younger self, explaining how it all unfolded?

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