Sharing Thoughts? #2

What happens when someone shares their inner thoughts? What impact does it have on the one who expresses the thoughts? What about the one who receives the thoughts? Are there many layers of effect on the one with whom it is shared?

How does sharing a thought or idea differ from sharing a fact, something we know or even think we know?

Are there times to keep our thoughts to ourselves? Are there times when a thought requires sharing? What decides the “share or hold it inside” dilemma? Does sharing a thought require a response?

Is this a comfort zone issue? Is it a self-esteem issue? Is ego a factor in sharing? Is this really about personality? Are confidence and mutual trust important to sharing? Are trust and respect required?

Sharing your feelings is not a sign of weakness. It shows that you have the strength to trust someone completely…”–Biswajit Palei

Why is sharing an emotion or deep inner thought easy for some, yet very scary for others? For most, is it what is being shared that makes it scary or not?

Do you share your thoughts openly? Do you share only with those to whom you are very close? What would change, if you changed your sharing habits? How do you respond when someone shares their inner thoughts with you? Do you feel a sense of responsibility to respond respectively and reflectively?

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