Would you consider No to be a simple or a complex word? Is it hard to pronounce? Is it hard to understand?

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While all of these may be a factor in frustration, on closer examination, could it be more a reflection of our own personal mindset? Do we become frustrated, when our expectations are not met? Is our disappointment, even with unrealistic expectations, the catalyst for our resultant anger, frustration or sadness?

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What is a legacy? Is a legacy the financial windfall that people leave for their family or charitable causes? Is it the material assets designated for distribution at death, because no one has discovered how to take it all with them, into the next world?

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Why do people do or not do what they should do? Is the should do task often chosen over items of greater priority or importance? Do people do what they should do over something that resonates with their goals?

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Why do some people want to be in control, even when it is something that confuses them? Is there an innate desire of many to just be “in charge?” Does taking control, provide a way for someone to do it “the right way” or at least their way

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If people respect each other, is it necessary that they agree on everything? Does a leader prefer those who agree with everything proposed by those in charge? Do strong leaders rather expect authenticity and courage of convictions from staff? While friends tend to have many shared interests, beliefs and experiences, are true friends expected to agree on almost everything?

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Why is it that so many people prefer to blame something or someone for their own failings? Is it that difficult to accept responsibility for our own actions? Instead of point and click do we point and deny? Do people even prefer to point and blame?

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Does it seem like self-esteem is usually noticed, discussed or emphasized from a negative perspective? Do we hear about children with “low self-esteem” having issues? Do we hear of adults, who struggle because they have low self-esteem? How often do we hear of children succeeding, in part, because they have high self-esteem?

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