No answers here, only questions for your consideration?

What is self-esteem? Why is it important? Can it be developed and nurtured? How? What are the benefits of high self-esteem?

How important is the development of positive self-esteem in children? Would it be critical to future success? Would it be critical to future happiness? Is self-esteem currently an integral component of programs for young people? Could it not be? Are many adults still stuck at the self-esteem level they reached in elementary school? Is this not an indicator of the need for the development of high and positive self-esteem in young people?

“If there were ever a magic bullet that could transform a young person’s life, it would be a pill coated with self-esteem. This powerful yet fragile quality is the key to the future for a teenager.” —Nicholas Emler

Do people with large egos, normally have high or low self-esteem? Do many confuse ego and self-esteem in assessing personality? Is it possible to have self-esteem that is too high? Are there noticeable differences between those with low self-esteem and those with high self-esteem? Do those with high self-esteem have more in-depth relationships? Are they more authentic? Do people with low self-esteem require more reassurance? Do they often lack initiative?

How would you rate yourself on self-esteem? Are you a confident and competent person? Do you feel worthy of your success? Do you foster high self-esteem in others? Do you value your own opinions?

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