What predominates in our thankful reflections on Thanksgiving? With all the division in this country, over the last few years, are not most of us still thankful for the Stars and Stripes and the country for which it stands? Is celebration and appreciation of family a focus for most on thanksgiving?

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Why do some people want to be in control, even when it is something that confuses them? Is there an innate desire of many to just be “in charge?” Does taking control, provide a way for someone to do it “the right way” or at least their way

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Sharing is something we all do. Do we not share stories, ideas, experiences, respect and love? If we share so much, why is there such reluctance to share our feelings, opinions, values and beliefs? Why are we hesitant to reveal who we really are? Is it a fear of rejection or of being labelled wrong? Does a vulnerability to judgement inhibit us?

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Questions REVISITED?

Do questions excite you? Questions are still the focus, as this blog, the 100th Opening Your Mind blog, is posted? Questions that inspire further thought and self-reflection are the goal. Superficial answers and blue-print explanations are not!

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