Is noise everywhere? What is the difference between sound and noise? Would there be a lot of individual variances in what is labelled sound and what is labelled noise? Are we also bombarded with noise that is not received through our auditory system?

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If people respect each other, is it necessary that they agree on everything? Does a leader prefer those who agree with everything proposed by those in charge? Do strong leaders rather expect authenticity and courage of convictions from staff? While friends tend to have many shared interests, beliefs and experiences, are true friends expected to agree on almost everything?

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Questions REVISITED?

Do questions excite you? Questions are still the focus, as this blog, the 100th Opening Your Mind blog, is posted? Questions that inspire further thought and self-reflection are the goal. Superficial answers and blue-print explanations are not!

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Questions to Ask Youself

In the infinite list of questions to ask and contemplate, one may find many that resonate personally when asked of themselves. What questions give rise to self-reflection? The answers to these questions may not be as important as thinking of the question and searching for what it means personally.

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