Is true discipline about mindset or actions? Is it actually about both? Would it not be difficult to be disciplined without taking action? Does discipline move our mindset toward personal responsibility and growth?

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Why is the truth so often hard to accept, especially if it is contradictory to one’s own beliefs? Is this really why Galileo lost his life? A lack of acceptance of the truth?

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What is important to swaying people toward you view? Is it about selling your view and opinions? Is it about the facts? Is it about finding common ground as a basis for communication?

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NOW? (Again)

Now is the present moment. Or is it? Can I affect anything that is not here now? Is the present moment a finite entity or is it infinite?

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Is perfection a bona fide goal? Is it attainable and sustainable? If one pursues perfection, does it help or hinder in the pursuit of long term goals? What does it mean to pursue perfection? Does chasing perfection suggest making no mistakes? Does that hinder growth and development and even success?

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While all of these may be a factor in frustration, on closer examination, could it be more a reflection of our own personal mindset? Do we become frustrated, when our expectations are not met? Is our disappointment, even with unrealistic expectations, the catalyst for our resultant anger, frustration or sadness?

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Sharing Thoughts? #2

What happens when someone shares their inner thoughts? What impact does it have on the one who expresses the thoughts? What about the one who receives the thoughts? Are there many layers of effect on the one with whom it is shared?

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Would you consider No to be a simple or a complex word? Is it hard to pronounce? Is it hard to understand?

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Do we freely choose the thought on which we are focusing? If so, how do we select that thought? Why do we select that thought? Do some thoughts seem to kidnap our mind and take off with it, without our conscious approval?

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Do we limit ourselves by the use of some of words that inhibit or restrict our possibilities? Are mindsets limited by focusing on should instead of want, will, or commit. Do such words play with our subconscious? Are we selling ourselves short by the words we use to describe our actions, decisions, behavior or even ourselves.

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