Do we freely choose the thought on which we are focusing? If so, how do we select that thought? Why do we select that thought? Do some thoughts seem to kidnap our mind and take off with it, without our conscious approval?

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius

Do we tend to think of our thought processes, like a smorgasbord from which we select from a myriad of great choices? Are our thoughts more fluid? Is it more like a conveyor belt of thoughts from which we select, like making a choice from a continuous revolving belt in a sushi restaurant? Do our thoughts come at us in a more dynamic way? Could it be more like a kaleidoscope of everchanging choices firing at us from our subconscious, with some penetrating our consciousness?

This begs the question. Do we select the thoughts upon which we reflect or do our thoughts select us?Could it be us choosing from a relatively few thoughts, selected by the subconscious and fed to the conscious mind?

Are their clues in how we shift our focus in times of crisis or even urgency? Is it, as if, something of importance pushes the less critical thoughts out of the way? If thoughts are such very complex entities, how do we know if we control them, or they control us?

What do you think about thinking? Are you totally in control of your own thoughts? If so, how do you exert that control? Do you intentionally try to control your thoughts? How? Do you believe that your thoughts are controlled or limited by outside forces?

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