Gratitude? Could there be a better word upon which to reflect during this holiday season? As we celebrate with friends and family, as we consider our wishes and goals for next year, do we not become aware of our gifts and blessings? Is this a great opportunity to be grateful for who we are, for what we have and for our lives?

Is there a tendency sometimes, to focus on what we do not have, for what we wish to have and how to gain these things? Does happiness result from being grateful for what we do have?

Does gratitude start with being thankful for who we are at a core level? Do we appreciate and value our mind, our body, our strengths, our beliefs and who we are? Are we grateful for family, friends, loved ones and mentors?

“A grateful mind is a great mind that eventually attracts to itself great things.”- Plato

Can we be grateful for gratitude itself? Does gratitude give us a perspective and insight into who we really are? Does it give us a base for continued growth and development on the journey of life? Is a mindset of gratitude the key to living in the present? Is being grateful a matter of focusing on what is, rather than what is not?

For what are you most grateful? When you consider that for which you are grateful, are you on the list? Are you thankful for who you are? Do you find joy and happiness in your appreciation of the people, the events and the activities that have helped you to become, who you are now?

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