Could there be there many learning activities more valuable than learning to read? Is it not a basic survival skill? Is it not something, for which, to be especially grateful?

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglas

Is reading about a lot more than learning letters, words and phrases? If we stop there, are we short-changing ourselves? Does reading give us a chance to learn from some of the great minds of history? Does it open the world for young and old alike?

Does it seem that many limit their reading to required reading in school or work, emails, social media, headlines and checkout-line books and magazines. To be a true reader, does one have to go beyond required and casual reading to explore a deeper world of reading, as entry into a true wonderland of ideas? Are there now fewer who read great literature or modern works of depth and substance? Do fewer read for pleasure or inspiration or personal development? Does the joy of reading still resonate in young and mature readers?

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.”–Frank Lebowitz

How do we learn to utilize the skill of reading to open our minds to the universe? How do we inspire others to pursue the wonders of reading? Can we still learn the value of reading with intention and attention?, learning that the process of reading leads to rewards beyond the immediate?

Do you enjoy reading? Do you read on a daily basis? What do you read? Are you ok with your reading habits? Would you like to challenge yourself in terms of what you read and how much you read? Would the benefits of expanded perspectives and amount of reading be worthy of your commitment?

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