Do we limit ourselves by the use of some of words that inhibit or restrict our possibilities? Are mindsets limited by focusing on should instead of want, will, or commit. Do such words play with our subconscious? Are we selling ourselves short by the words we use to describe our actions, decisions, behavior or even ourselves.

Are there words that can be motivating and inspiring, even in self-talk? Are there other words that do the opposite, by suggesting a mindset of negativity?

Are there words we just have to accept?

Do we limit ourselves when we say, “I can’t?” Are there words that are more conducive to growth and improvement? Could we say, for example, “I will give it a try,” or “I would like to do that”? Do these words change our perspective? Or could they?

Is No an intriguing word to consider limiting? Do people limit themselves by saying no to opportunities? On the other hand, do people overwhelm themselves by not saying no, when they are overscheduled or do not want to do something?

Often it’s not we who shape words, but the words we use that shape us.”–Nina George

Are there words that affect your mindset? Are they words which others use when addressing you? Are they words you use in your own self-talk? How can you limit the effects of negative words on your psyche? Do you ever disseminate negative vibes by the words you repeatedly use? Are there positive words that you might like to hear or speak more often?

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