Why are questions asked? Is it always to get an answer? Sometimes is it to foster thought and discussion?

Do questions sometimes get answers, when in actuality, further reflection on the question might be better than an answer? At times, do all of us try to answer questions we do not understand? Could we focus on reflection on the question rather than searching for a specific answer? Can we explore options rather than force an answer?

The questions are always more important than the answers.”-Randy Pausch

What is it we seek? Are we looking for answers or are we searching for ideas. Do we mostly want answers? Sometimes though, do we want reflection or contemplation?

What are good questions? Do close-ended questions demand answers? Think of what is, how many, yes or no questions, in this regard. Do open-ended questions invite reflection on the question or where it might lead? Are what caused or how do you feel about or which of, type questions in this category?

Do you always want a specific answer when you ask a question? Do you always answer when questioned? Do you find often that questions are confusing and need clarification? Do you find yourself intrigued by questions that suggest the need for further exploration


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