Has truthfulness gone out of style? Is it irrelevant in today’s world? Is it ok to say anything, true or not, if it sounds good or fits your perspective? Will this philosophy become more pervasive in the future?

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While all of these may be a factor in frustration, on closer examination, could it be more a reflection of our own personal mindset? Do we become frustrated, when our expectations are not met? Is our disappointment, even with unrealistic expectations, the catalyst for our resultant anger, frustration or sadness?

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If we care for someone, do we not want them to know how we feel about them, how much we value them, how much we love them? Is sharing these authentic feelings more important than keeping them inside, like some carefully guarded secret? While many people are hesitant to share their emotions and feelings, is it not of value to express them, especially to the person who generates them?

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Why are questions asked? Is it always to get an answer? Sometimes is it to foster thought and discussion?

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The expansion of political fanaticism by the politicization of “damn near everything” is a consistent presence in our lives. Is there anything that has not been seized by political parties attempting to identify with their constituencies? Is it even about identifying with their constituencies? Would it be more accurate to say, attempting to influence their constituencies to accept the proclaimed biased and often inflamed views of the party?