Are answers more frustrating than questions?

What is frustration? What causes it? Is it due to an event that did not go well? Could it be from a painful conflict or interaction with someone? Are one-sided media reports an instigator of frustration?

While all of these may be a factor in frustration, on closer examination, could it be more a reflection of our own personal mindset? Do we become frustrated, when our expectations are not met? Is our disappointment, even with unrealistic expectations, the catalyst for our resultant anger, frustration or sadness?

“All successful people learn that success is buried on the other side of frustration.”–Tony

If we live in the Now, accepting the present moment, as it is, can we reduce our frustrations? By focusing on the reality of what is, do we eliminate many expectations of what will happen? Do we sometimes set ourselves up for disappointment? Are premature decisions about what we want the future to be or expect it to be, negatively impactful? Could they actually have more impact than the actual action, person or event?

Do you set a lot of exceptions, not only about what you can control, but about other people, events and even life itself? How is that working for you? Do you prefer to focus on what is, in the present moment? How is that working? Do you find your mindset moves you toward or away from frustration? Does your mindset lead you toward positive or negative outcomes?

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