Is the expansion of political fanaticism by the politicization of “damn near everything” a consistent presence in our lives. Is there anything that has not been seized by political parties attempting to identify with their constituencies? Is it still even about identifying with their constituencies? Would it be more accurate to say, attempting to influence their constituencies to accept the proclaimed biased and often inflamed views of the party? Why is politics all about competition, with little apparent effort to cooperate?

Does there seem to be very little about issues and a lot about us versus them? Can there be more loyalty to party than to country, as we immersive ourselves in the party line or lies? Is it possible that the abortion issue has actually changed the dynamic to one of passion for an issue, even though there are party battle lines?

“Politics have no relation to morality.”-Niccolo Machiavelli

In running for office, do candidates aspire to improve the quality of life for their constituents? Do they aspire to improve the power and control of their party? Is it really about aspiring to gain personal power and control? Is it all of these and more?

How could politics be changed to encourage a cooperative effort for the common good? Why is change so difficult in the political realm? Does it all come down to money and power?

Why is it so hard to find authenticity in politics? Is it even possible? What would authenticity look like in the political world?

Have political ads not only significantly increased in frequency and intensity, but also decreased even more, in integrity and authenticity? Hard to believe it could be worse? Does it seem like the ads deliberately lie about opponents and distort the truth, creating inaccurate perceptions?

Have you given up on politics? As an individual, what can you do to upgrade the political process? Is voting the place to start? Is it more impactful to complain about the system and boycott voting? Are you passionate about any candidates or causes? Do you support those causes and candidates? Do you feel helpless? Do you serve on community or political boards? Would you, if asked? Does it matter?

The people who cast the votes, don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”-Joseph Stalin

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