Is there a tendency to delay expressing our feelings? Do people think of important things that did not get said, when they hear of the passing of someone close to them? When someone says, something to the effect of, “Oh, I wanted to tell them…….”, does it not seem like a tragedy? If someone wants to say something meaningful or impactful, why not say it? What is the advantage of waiting? Does waiting lead to regrets? Does waiting make it easier to express ourselves? Does waiting make what we say better? Does waiting protect us from revealing our deeper feelings?

“To speak is not an option, it is a must.”–Lois Hatcher

If we care for someone, do we not want them to know how we feel about them, how much we value them, how much we love them? Is sharing these authentic feelings more important than keeping them inside, like some carefully guarded secret? While many people are hesitant to share their emotions and feelings, is it not of value to express them, especially to the person who generates them? Can this expression bring joy to the recipient and a sense of fulfillment to the speaker?

Are you open to sharing your emotional feelings with loved ones? Is it a challenge to do so? What is your internal response when you do? Is there a sense of peace and gratitude? What is your response, when others express their feelings to you? Have you faced regret, when you waited too long?

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