Are questions of value, when attempting to influence others?

Is your perspective about situations something of value that needs to be shared?

What is important to swaying people toward you view? Is it about selling your view and opinions? Is it about the facts? Is it about finding common ground as a basis for communication? Does it require learning about those you would convince that your viewpoint surpasses all others?

What does the listener need to hear to be swayed toward your perspective? Is it about you? Is it about their perspective?

If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.–Benjamin Franklin

Does being persuasive involve emotions or knowledge or both? What else is needed? Is passion persuasive in itself?

Is authenticity an important component of persuasion? Is a firm personal belief required to be effectively convincing?

Do you consider yourself a persuasive person? Why or why not? What is your approach, when trying to persuade others? Do you want to become more persuasive? How can you do that? What makes being persuasive important? Are you easily persuaded by others? Are you ok with that?

2 thoughts on “Persuasion?

  1. I like to think Truth is persuasive by itself, and that it doesn’t need my help. I think if I’m trying to be persuasive then I’m using force to try to manipulate someone in some way. At least that’s my initial thought to your questions :).


    1. I would like to agree with your valid point. However, recent history, and that of the last 3,000 years, would indicate that truth needs all the help it can get from those with the power to support it.


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