What is a legacy? Is a legacy the financial windfall that people leave for their family or charitable causes? Is it the material assets designated for distribution at death, because no one has discovered how to take it all with them, into the next world?

Are there other considerations to the making of a legacy? Is how a life is lived a key component? Is it the example set by living in alignment with the values that one considers important?

Legacy is not leaving something for people. It is leaving something in people. –Peter Strople

Does our legacy begin with the values we share with our children, when they are young. In sharing our beliefs and values, with the world, by our words and actions, do we establish the foundation for the legacy we leave behind?

Please think about your legacy because you are writing it every day? -Gary Vaynerchuk

For what do you want to be remembered? Is it primarily for your financial contributions to your family or worthy causes? Is it for the example of the life you lived? Have you begun to determine what you want your legacy to be? Is this a subject worthy of consideration, while you have the power to influence what it will be? What will be said about you, after you pass?

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