What is important now? Why is it important? Is what is important now, different from what “used to be” important? How do we decide what is important?

On the list of the important, what predominates? Do people and relationships out number everything else? Could causes dominate the list? Do things sometimes become prevalent? Where does oneself fit into the equation? What about values and beliefs? Ultimately, is importance decided by reference to our purpose and values?

What is unimportant? How is that defined? Do we have time for the unimportant? Is the unimportant often urgent?

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”–Dwight D. Eisenhower

Does a focus on the important, when planning and taking action, lead to better results? What happens if the urgent takes precedence over the important? How do we keep the priority on the important? Is that more of an ongoing process than an action step?

Do you have system to help you focus on the important? Is it a proactive system that you use when planning? What happens when you take action on the priority? Are you able to maintain your focus on the important over the distractions of the urgent? What other challenges do you face as you strive to focus? Are mindfulness and a positive mindset helpful?

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