Why do some people want to be in control, even when it is something that confuses them? Is there an innate desire of many to just be “in charge?” Does taking control, provide a way for someone to do it “the right way” or at least their way?

Is it about controlling the situation? Is there a natural tendency to try to control people? Can someone control the situation without overtly controlling the other people involved?

How does the desire for control differ from the desire to find a great solution? Are some people more concerned with being right than “getting it right?

Is an obsession with being right, an indication of confidence or of the lack of it? Can obsession for control impede providing value and quality? What characteristics are demonstrated by “trying to get it right”?

Do we accept that being out of control is a serious issue? Does this suggest that someone must be in control? Is there a difference between being in charge and being in control?

“Being in charge isn’t always about telling people what to do. Sometimes, it’s about knowing when to step out of the way of people who know what they are doing”–Tam al’ Thor

Can one be effective without being in charge or in control? Do some people not even care who is in charge, as long as someone is?

What is your approach? Is your preference to have someone in charge? Would you prefer to be that person? Would you prefer not to be in charge?

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