Sharing is something we all do. Do we not share stories, ideas, experiences, respect and love? If we share so much, why is there such reluctance to share our feelings, opinions, values and beliefs? Why are we hesitant to reveal who we really are? Is it a fear of rejection or of being labelled wrong? Does a vulnerability to judgement inhibit us?

Whom do we hurt by not sharing? Does the lack of expression diminish or suppress our true selves? Do we deprive others of the opportunity to learn from our unique perspective? If we do share, can we also learn from the expression of our thoughts, as well as others?

Do we struggle to understand the difference between selling and sharing? Does sharing invite a response? Could a response provide insights that could nurture our opinion? Could it challenge us to expand our view? Could even lead to a reconsideration of our initial viewpoint? Could it do the same for those with whom we share?

“Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in.”–Jim Rohn

When others share with us, do we truly listen and reflect on what is presented? Do we open our minds to new ideas? Can we accept the views of others without feeling that we have to protect our own? Can we accept that the sharing of ideas is much deeper that trying to promote an agenda? Can we accept and even embrace differing views without feeling the need to reject or embrace those ideas? Is it not a learning opportunity?

Are you a person willing to share your thoughts and ideas? Do you feel threatened by the opinions of others, especially if they disagree with yours? Do you value feedback about your opinions? Do you respect those who have the courage to share their beliefs? In your opinion, is sharing a win-win scenario?

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