A purpose?

Is there a purpose for everything? Is there a purpose for everyone?

Does every life have a purpose? Is it obvious? Do we always know what it is? Is it often difficult to articulate?

Are the two most important dates in our life not birth and death? Are they, in fact, the day we are born and the day we find out why?

Is purpose why people do the things that they do? Is it easy to pursue a purpose? Will it be challenging? Does finding our purpose lead to understanding our own sense of why?

Does life change when we identify our purpose? Does it change even more, when we understand that purpose? What happens when we pursue it?

“The purpose of life is the life of purpose.”–Robin S. Sharma

Can our true purpose in life serve as a filter, when we evaluate our choices, develop plans and take action?

Do you have a definite purpose? What is it? Can you define it and articulate it? Does it define you? How do you pursue that purpose? Does your mindsight align with your purpose? Do your actions align with your purpose?

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