Is one of the great joys of life, to be awed in a moment, by something special in the universe? Is our breath taken away and do our hearts skip a beat, at the sight of a wilderness sky filled with stars, a first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, looking at the Sistine Chapel or witnessing the birth of a child?

Are people who are passionate about life an inspiration and joy to others? Why are some people inspired by life and how it unfolds? Why is it that some people feel a great sense of awe when looking at the sky or walking in nature or reading a book? Why do some savor the company and friendship of others and the conversations that ensue? Are all these people maximizing life and their place in the universe? Are they mindful, embracing what is reality? Do such people share their positive mindset with those with whom they interact?

Some people have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy.–Abraham Maslow

What differentiates these from those who seem to be frustrated by life? Why do some deny the reality of what is, preferring their own version of how it, “ought” to be? Do these people tend to be generous in sharing their negativity? Is awe not part of their vocabulary?

Would the world be a better place, if we all could be in awe, of what surrounds us? Could we all take a deep breath and look with gratitude at the great beauty we see in nature, the brilliance of children and the joy of being with friends, family and loved ones?

Do you find awe in your observations of the world and how the universe has evolved? Is there joy in your interactions with others and your own activities? Do you have a positive outlook on life? What do you do to foster such a mindset? Do you share your positivity? Of what are in awe now?

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