Ice Skating or Life?

Is ice skating a metaphor for life?

Is it life or is it ice-skating? I prepare, I do my best, I learn, I get better: I make more mistakes, I fall. Still, I get-up again: I prepare, I do my best, I learn, I get better. I make mistakes, I fall, I get-up. The process continues. Is it life? Is it Ice Skating? Is it a viable description for life and ice skating?

“Making a mistake is falling down; failure is not getting up again.” –Hellen Keller

If the lessons, we learn from sport, go beyond the sport, what do ice skaters learn? Will they realize that the setbacks of life, are not failures at all, but opportunities in disguise?

I fall, but do not I fail, by falling? Do I fail, if I do not get up and return to my performance? Is this an appropriate question for ice-skating and life?

“All of us learned how to walk by failing.” ― J.R. Rim

Is the difference between falling and failing a matter of our response to the fall? If we get-up and return to the pursuit of our goals, is it just a fall. If we give-up or accept the fall as a personal defeat, is that failure?

How do you respond to the falls you face in life? Do you respond like an ice skater does, by standing-up to continue your program? Do you prefer to lay where you fell?

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