Getting Old or Aging?

As you celebrate your birthday every year, do you feel older? Do you feel wiser? Do you feel rejuvenated? Do you feel tired? Do you feel “blah” or “bah”.

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Are you one who does not like celebrating birthdays? Why? Does it “make you feel old”? Does ignoring a birthday make you feel younger?

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Is it possible there is a difference between aging and “getting old”? Is there a mind-set that encourages getting old? Can a mind-set allow us to be younger, in attitude, at least? Is chronological aging beyond the influence of even a great mind-set? Is getting old a perspective that we can control or at least influence?

“The trouble is, when a number-your age-becomes your identity, you’ve given away your power to choose your future.”–Richard J. Leider.

Is our aging perspective greatly influenced by the opinions of others? How do our cultural norms affect our ideas of getting older? Is it possible that the media and advertising foster how people are perceived as they age?

Does wisdom come with age? Can people be young and wise? Can people be old and unwise?

Who decides who you are, irrespective of age? Who decides how your chronology affects who you are? Can you respond to both questions with the same word? ME!

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