When was your first visit to a National Park? Which park was it? What do you remember from that experience?

When was your last visit to a National Park? Which park? What impressed you the most there?

“National Parks are the Declaration of Independence expressed on the landscape” –Dayton Duncan

How many national parks have you visited? What is your favorite? Why? How many times have you visited that park? Will you go again?

Do you agree with Wallace Stegner that “national parks are the best idea we ever had?”

Are national parks of value, even to those who do not actually visit them? What is the value? Are they part of our culture from a preservation, an historical, and a natural resources perspective?

Are the national parks worthy of intentional efforts to preserve them? What can we do to raise awareness about our great national parks? What can we do to better inform people about the diversity, the history, the wonderful sites and sights and yes, the plight of the National Parks?

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