Why do we label people? Is it easier than being open to learning who they really are? Is it a sort of shorthand for profiling?

Does labeling someone give us expectations about how they will respond in various situations? Are we surprised or disappointed if they respond differently than we expect?

People are too complicated to have simple labels.–Phillip Pullman

How do you respond when you are labeled? Do you ignore it, trying not to lend credence to being put in a box? Do you try to prove, by your actions, the ridiculousness of the label? Do you respond by labeling the one who labeled you?

Are you judgmental? Do you tend to label people? Why? Is it a decisive position or do you do it subconsciously?

Are you surprised when you realize that someone was labeled inaccurately? How do you respond when the label itself is proved false? Does it bother you that “they” are not as described?

If it is tough to label an individual, how tough is it to label a group? What would happen if you or “we” abandoned attempts to label and categorize others? Would that be mind opening?

What is your perspective on categorizing people? Would it be worthwhile to examine your practices in regards to labeling and judgment? Do you wish others would?

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