Success Path Questions

Where do you want to go? How can you get there? Where is the path? What are your strengths? What is needed? Are you truly committed? What steps can you take right now? What could be your first step? Is this the right path? How will you determine if you are staying on the right path moving forward?

The Path above the chasm!
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Success doesn’t come and find you, You have to go out and get it.–Kushanwizdom

Do you know where you want to go in your life? What about in your career? Do you have a focus of where you are headed in your relationships? If you know where you are going, do you know how to get there? What skills, training and experience do you need to achieve your goals? How will you gain these? Are you willing to commit to do what it takes to get there? What resources do you wish to attract? Who are the people with whom you want to associate or interact? Is there someone you could emulate? Are there people with whom you will reduce your interaction?

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What sacrifices will make to achieve the success you desire? What changes will you make? How do you envision the success you want? What is your timetable? How will you feel when you achieve your goals?

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