Trap Questions

What do you think of…..? Does this make me look,,,,,? Are you hungry? (Especially if asked during a long drive) Did you see me in…..? Did you like that one…..? Don’t you agree? Isn’t that right….? How does one respond to these trap questions? Would you like to have some time to ponder such questions before answering? In some cases, by such a ponder, could the lack of an immediate answer cause you another problem?

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A question is a trap and an answer is your foot in it”–John Steinbeck

What is the questioner seeking? Is it a specific answer? Could it be a request for reassurance? Is this a worthwhile question to consider with any question? What does the one asking the question really want in response?

This raises other questions. Are some questions asked more from a self-esteem issue than from a desire for information? Obviously, some people are more needy than others in this regard. How do we know? Now, that is a question!

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In some cases, is it better to give a reassuring answer than one that might cause distress? Sometimes, is brutal honesty required? Are there times when there is no good answer?

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