The value of a smile

How valuable is a smile? To whom is it most valuable? Is it the one who smiles or the one who receives the smile?

Do you feel different when sharing a smile, than you do when sharing a frown or a scowl? Does an unexpected smile from someone brighten your day?

Is there a ripple effect to smiles? Does your smile lead to other smiles?

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. —Thich Nhat Hanh

Should we differentiate between sincere smiles and forced smiles? What about between authentic and phony smiles?

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Are smiles infectious? Why do we not smile more? Should we wait for feelings of happiness before we smile? Could our smile give a glimpse of our perspective and attitude toward life?

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Do animals smile? What happens when we smile at animals? Could we live by the Optimist Creed tenet penned be Christian D. Larson, a hundred years ago, “Smile at every living creature you meet”?

Would we be wise to smile at ourselves? What about laughing at ourselves? Do you prefer seeing a smile in the mirror rather than a frown?

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Would it be accurate to describe a laugh, as a smile on steroids? Can one laugh without smiling?

Who causes you to smile? Who can you affect with your smile? Why do you smile?

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