Sharing is something we all do. Do we not share stories, ideas, experiences, respect and love? If we share so much, why is there such reluctance to share our feelings, opinions, values and beliefs? Why are we hesitant to reveal who we really are? Is it a fear of rejection or of being labelled wrong? Does a vulnerability to judgement inhibit us?

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If people respect each other, is it necessary that they agree on everything? Does a leader prefer those who agree with everything proposed by those in charge? Do strong leaders rather expect authenticity and courage of convictions from staff? While friends tend to have many shared interests, beliefs and experiences, are true friends expected to agree on almost everything?

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Questions REVISITED?

Do questions excite you? Questions are still the focus, as this blog, the 100th Opening Your Mind blog, is posted? Questions that inspire further thought and self-reflection are the goal. Superficial answers and blue-print explanations are not!

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Change! Does the word itself incite physical, mental and emotional responses deep inside people? Why does change frighten many? Why do many people embrace change? Why do many just roll with it?

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Ice Skating or Life?

Is ice skating a metaphor for life? If the lessons, we learn from sport go beyond the sport, what do ice skaters learn? Will they realize that the setbacks of life, are not failures at all, but opportunities in disguise?

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As the world swelters and suffers through one of the hottest years ever recorded, are people, nations, businesses and organizations ready to accept the results of our centuries old assault on the environment?



Have you ever wished that you could step-off and let the world spin without you, at least temporarily? Have you ever wanted to take a deep breath and get off the treadmill? Have you ever felt like a rat on an exercise wheel?



Why is it that so many people prefer to blame something or someone for their own failings? Is it that difficult to accept responsibility for our own actions? Instead of point and click do we point and deny? Do people even prefer to point and blame?

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We all make them, don’t we? Why do we? What leads us to assume things about people, about situations, about events? Can we control our assumptions?

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Where Are You?

WHERE are you now? WHERE were you in the past? WHERE will you be in the future? Do you really know where you are now, in relation to your goals and aspirations? Do you know where you want to be? Do you know how to get there? Are you on the right path to get there? How do you know? How do you assess the appropriateness of your chosen path?

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