What is leadership?

Can leadership be developed or is it an inherited trait? Is it all about obtaining the qualities or attributes of a good or great leader? Is there a leadership template?

How can leadership be measured? Is there a leadership metric? Is leadership evaluation a matter of anecdotal assessments?

Is it about influence? Can one be a leader without influencing people or their actions?

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Does the situation create the leader? Does the situation provide the opportunity for leadership? Are different types of leadership needed for different situations?

Does position make a leader? Can one become a true leader by appointment?

Is it possible to predict those who will be future leaders? What does that entail? Does it require evaluating traits and skills? Does it involve evaluation of mindset, philosophy or psychological perspectives?

Is self-esteem a prerequisite for effective leadership? Must leaders believe in themselves to be effective leaders?

Are you a leader? What makes you an effective leader? Do you like being a leader? Are you becoming a more effective leader? What advice would you give to those taking leadership responsibilities?

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