Is laughter a great reliever of stress and a spontaneous catalyst to relax?

Is it possible to laugh, while simultaneously being angry? Possible? Maybe? Probable? Not likely?

Is true laughter an involuntary response to something? Is it rather, a voluntary response, that can be expressed or ignored?

Are children the gurus of laughter? Is the laughter of children very infectious? When watching a group of people is it often the child who inspires the adults to erupt into fits of laughter?

On average, an infant laughs nearly 200 times a day; an adult, only twelve. Maybe they are laughing so much because they are looking at us….–I Ching

Is life, in general, better because we laugh, (outwardly or inwardly) or at least observe others who do? Is laughter the best medicine? It does release endorphins!

Do funny quips sometimes break the tension in a stress-filled meeting, as people burst out laughing? Is it obvious that not everyone laughs, no matter how funny the reference?

Is laughter an emotion, an emotional reaction, or a conscious act? If laughter is considered one of the defining characteristics of human beings, why is so little known about why we laugh and how?

Are you a laugher? Do you enjoy laughing? If so, do you share your laughter? Do you prefer to keep it to yourself, only laughing inside? Do you enjoy causing others to laugh? Does laughing tend to improve your mood?

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