Change! Does the word itself incite physical, mental and emotional responses deep inside people?

Why does change frighten many? Why do many people embrace change? Why do many just roll with it?

Does change force those affected out of their comfort zone? Is that scary enough to evoke fear for some?

Are there times when seeking change is a good thing? If someone is in a frustrating work situation, a toxic relationship or an unsafe environment, could it be wise to seek a change?

In hindsight, is change often valued and appreciated as a positive factor in life? Is the departure from a comfort zone, often a good thing?

Does the mindset toward change influence how people react or respond to it? With the exclusion of catastrophic events or personal tragedies, do we have a deep inner attitude toward change itself? Do we sometimes react to the onset of change itself more than to the event?

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” — Wayne W. Dyer

What is your personal mindset for change? Do you embrace change? Do you accept the reality of the changes that you experience? Do you despise change, no matter what it is? How does your attitude toward change affect your performance? Does change result in increased feelings of stress? Do you perceive change as growth? Are you OK with your attitude? Is it something worthy of reflection?

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