As the world swelters and suffers through one of the hottest years ever recorded, are people, nations, businesses and organizations ready to accept the results of our centuries old assault on the environment? Will people, nations, businesses and organizations accept individually and collectively the need to take immediate and massive action to save the planet and the health of humanity?

Have the warnings not been mostly ignored for the last 70 years? As the current situations demonstrate the accuracy of the dire predictions, can something be done now, on a global scale? Are we at the point that it is no longer acceptable to ignore what is happening?

“Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air or drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something.” —Carl Sagen

Has the stage of finger-pointing passed? Can we wait longer for “someone to do something”? Is it time for everyone, the collective we to stand up, accept responsibility and do something? Can the world wait for a better time? Maybe after we get through the current wars, health crises and economic scares? How has that worked so far? When was the last time there was not some world-wide crisis occurring?

If we are to take action, what can we do right now? What can individuals do to make an impact? How can they influence others to take action? How can communities protect their environment? Can businesses step-up, look beyond the immediate bottom line and take broad action steps to make a difference? How can countries and government organizations make immediate, significant impacts? Is there a possibility of world-wide cooperative initiatives to save this planet? Environmentalists and environmental organizations have provided guidelines, can we follow them now, before it is too late?

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