Why Wait?

Why do we wait? Are we waiting for the right time? What are the consequences of waiting? Do we know? Do we wait to complete both complex and simple tasks? Do we wait on the important and the seemingly insignificant? Do the non-urgent but important, sometimes get postponed for the more urgent, regardless of importance?

“Sometimes if you wait too long, it’s too late.”-Sarah Srohmeyer

Is there a tendency to delay reaching out to others, even to loved ones? Is it easier to wait for a more convenient time? What about taking care of ourselves? Is it easy to postpone doing things that would be beneficial, like exercise, a good night’s sleep or a nutritious meal, to a better time?

How often do we not tell a loved one that we love them? How often do we postpone a workout? Why is it easier to wait to work on taxes in late March, or even April, than in February? Does postponement of the inconvenient, sometimes lead to the pain of regret? Can the “oh, it’s nothing, I will be fine” mantra be misleading?

Do you sometimes wait for a more convenient or a more comfortable time to reach out to loved ones? Do you sometimes ignore your needs and decide to wait to take action? Do we all need to reassess our priorities and how we allot our time? Why wait?

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