Red, White & Blue?

The United States of America? It is what we, as Americans, stand for and what we believe, isn’t it? The American way of life is reflected in the Stars and Stripes, the National Athem, and the 4th of July parades and fireworks, isn’t it? Or is it not? Is that Red, White and Blue just a flag? Or does it represent who we are as a country and a people?

Have we become the Divided States of America? Is our loyalty more toward a political party?

We know what the United States of America stands for, don’t we? Do we know for what a political party really stands? Does it sometimes seem like a political party stands for whatever is against that for which that other party stands? That its platform is to oppose the views of the other party? Do many people form their opinions on who said what, regardless of what it is? If the other party said it, I oppose, but if my party said it, I am in support? Are we loyal to Red or Blue over the Red, White and Blue?

“United we stand, divided we fall.”–Aesop

Is this a very visible example of accepting the opinions of others, without searching the underlying values? We do align with certain party standards and platforms that fit with our values, don’t we? From a logical perspective, does that mean we must agree with every party stance or every spokesperson for the party?

Is there hope that we could consider everything from the perspective of the United States of America? What if it is different from the Red or Blue perspective? Can we stand for the Red, White And Blue?

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