Golden Rule Day?

Are you aware that Tuesday, April 5th is the International Golden Rule Day? A day to celebrate the 2022 theme “Treat others and the planet as you would like to be treated”? Did you even know that there was such a day and that it was of international significance? Of all the “Day” celebrations that are held throughout the year, would you think this might be one worth celebrating?

Would you agree that the Golden Rule is found throughout the world in most cultures and religions and has been for thousands of years? Does it seem like the world has lost sight of the principle that underlies the idea of this Golden Rule? Would we be better-off, if people across the globe embraced this philosophy of empathy and compassion? Would it be even better, if they actually took action to exhibit compassion and empathy in their interactions with others?

“We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.”–Edward Markham

Does this excerpt from the Golden Rule Day registration page resonate with you? “Golden Rule Day is a reminder of universal hope. Without hope and the love that we experience in connection with others what remains for tomorrow? Just as we are wired to be compassionate and act with kindness, we are people of hope. The virtues of faith, hope and charity should be our mantra for Golden Rule Day.

Are you a practitioner of the Golden Rule? Do you wish there were more who actually lived the golden rule rather than merely spoke the words? Would you like to expand your Golden Rule practice? Will you check out The International Golden Rule Day on Tuesday, the 5th of April, at this site?

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