Excess Baggage?

Why do so many people seem to cling to excess baggage from their past?

Are people often hobbled by this excess baggage they carry? What causes us to hang-on to negative events, relations or actions from the past? Why are we unable to move on from them? What ties us so strongly to them?

Does it seem like this excess baggage not only has affected our past, but is negatively impacting our present lives and is adversely affecting our ability to move forward?

“The journey is a lot easier, when you are not carrying your past.”–Scottia Reidhead

Regret? Guilt? Denial? Sadness? Disappointment? What were the keys that locked this “stuff”? Where can one find the keys to unlock the past, to allow for a focus on what is real now?

Is it fair to say, that some people are so rooted in the past that they do not really know who they are now? How can people like this become grounded in the reality of what actually is?

Is there excess baggage that you carry around in your life? Why? If not, how did you get rid of it? Is living in the present without carrying the past an advantage for your now life? Does it make the future look brighter?

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