The Environment?

What is up with the environment? What is up with the custodians of this planet?

Do you sometimes wonder if people believe there is an alternative to this planet? A place that would take on multi-million alien immigrants, who neglected and destroyed the ecosystem of their own planet? Can we find a place that could sustain life as we know it? Is it possible or even probable that such a planet exists among the billions of galaxies in space? Do we want to rely on such a possibility? And on our ability to transport massive amounts of people there?

Are there actions we could take here to perhaps stave off the devastation of this planet? Could we make changes that might enable life to go on, here on earth? Could we even make adjustments that might enhance the quality of life for human beings and other life forms that share this planet with us?

Which alternative could bring a positive resolution within the next hundred years? Can we find a place that is acceptable to our life needs that would be accessible and accepting of those multi-millions of refugees?

“What is the use of a house if you don’t have a tolerable planet to put it on?”–Henry David Thoreau

Can we do something here to change the havoc we wreck on earth? Can we find a way to live here and sustain a cohabitation with Mother Earth? If life becomes unsustainable here, will we become extinct, and earth just keep revolving around the sun?

What do you believe? What can you do to improve the environment? Is this earth our best hope for the survival of homo-sapiens? Is it worth the effort to save the planet, the species and the future? Do we take responsibility now or leave it for future generations to resolve?

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