Do you act of your own free will? Are you sure? Do circumstances affect your actions? Does your mindset influence your free will? Does your free will affect your mindset?

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What external factors affect free will? What internal factors affect free will? Can circumstances limit my choices? Does limiting my choices restrict my free will? Is free will a given or must I embrace it to have it?

“Yes I have free will; I have no choice but to have it.”

― Christopher Hitchens

Do I choose what influences my free will? Is it really my choice to decide what I will do or the choices I make? If you do not act of your own free will, what propels you to take action? Where does predestination fit into the equation or does it? When we are born are we, in a sense, predestined to die? Are free will and predeterminism mutually exclusive? Could both be at work in our life?

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How do I know? Did I decide or did it happen without my approval? Am I the puppet or the puppeteer?

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